So what’s been going on lately..?

Well, since 98% of my followers are located outside of Scandinavia, I decided to (starting now) whenever I’m updating this blog, it will be exclusively in english, atleast when posting here. (#justlife)

So what’s been going on lately..?

Well, music I guess. I’ve been working on some songs that I have no idea of where they come from. – Funny how inspiration just kicks in from time to time and opts out just as quick. (It’s a blessing and a curse, really)

Just recently I decided to take things to another level when it came to (my) ”music” I’ve been doing this for, what? 4 years now, and I’ve loved every second of it. – So..  I started recording, all the songs I’ve been working on over the years, – new ones aswell. Signed up/contacted a label that supports singer/songwriters trying to reach out to the public with their music.

And now I’m here, tomorrow is the beginning of my ”new” career as a singer/songwriter, in 2 weeks, my songs will be available@ Spotify, iTunes and a few other online musicstores.

In the meantime of all this, I’ve been an active user over @Soundcloud, and the response I stumbled across was surreal. Im amazed by all this, and the fact that people actually listen to my music on a daily basis – That was something – I, never. in. a. million. years. – Once uploading my songs, expected two months ago. I just write what I think, and feel about certain things and aspects of life. <— Spelling? Not my native language guys.. *wink*

Best part though! – And this is one of the many reasons why I love Soundcloud.
Is that you can find nuggets of gold everywhere you go. There’s so many artists, songwriters, producers that are absolute golden, and I have yet to discover one musician over there to turn out to be kind of a prick. – Not yet though.

One of these ”nuggets” I was referring to was the newfounded duo from the US of A that goes by the name ”WE VILLAINS”  Located in NY.

Baah, they are amazing, and I was very quick to point that out, it’s just who I am. Haha! – Glad I did!
After about 2 months of frequently listening to their music on a daily basis, they reached out to me, well, atleast 50% of them did. And asked me if I was interested in doing an ”overseas collaboration” of some sort.

Not sure what to expect of this, but the fact that they reached out, just meant alot for me and motivated me even more to do this, with or without anyone.
So basically, that’s what I’m up to and I’m really excited to get this collaboration going once we can synch/adapt our different timezones so it works both ways. Aswell as the acoustic project I’ve been working on that soon will be over with.

WE VILLAINS – Set me free (Ft. Greyy)

Acoustic rendition of one of the songs I was talking about.
Michael Moore – When you’re not around *LIVE@IDKA

Sleep tight.

Michael Hedlund Moore.


Urban D’Art

Eftersom jag alltid är vaken nattetid, och sover på dagen (Vampyr)? Så tog jag en välförtjänt rast och lämnade studion för en nattpromenad runt Gävles gator och tog lite bilder av vår stads underskattade arkitektur. Fick ett annat perspektiv på byggnader som jag dagligen går förbi på väg till studion.  – Resultat nedan:



                                                  Grand Hotel Elite



– Endast för att den är städad, ville föreviga det ögonblicket då det inte är en vanlig syn. – Alls.


When you’re not around me I’m lost..

I’m walking by myself just trying to find my way home.
It’s been so long since i last heard our song, I can’t
find the words to explain the fear I feel.

– When you’re not around.

– When you’re not around, I can’t find words, I can’t
find time to make whats mine – feel appreciated.

When you’re not around me, I’m lost.

Music & Lyrics: Michael Hedlund


”The monster it haunts her and she wonders,  is there no one left to turn to, or ask for the answers i need?
Should I stay or should I go,  whats right,  whats wrong? – Either way, I have no place where I belong.
She gave her all, with all her trust.  So for once,  she could climb over the fence,  and make a mence with that feeling that creeps and taunts her,  every time someone she comes close to, disappears, all she’s ever been dealt is fear.
Betrail is all he ever returned, with what she thought, no intention of ever looking back.
But he never meant to hurt her,  crush her soul.
His goal for once,  was to prove everyone wrong, every chance he got – It was taken.  And what seemed to be done with the best intentions, was in the blur of it all. – Soon forgotten, forsaken.
All he was left with, was this bottomless pit with remorse and regrets with walls and surroundings as a constant reminder of every time he’s failed to climb out on top.
He’s got nothing left to lose,  he’s been scarred and bruised.
She’s got noting left to lose, she’s been scarred, she’s been bruised.
If she had a nickel for every heartache she’d been a millionaire, instead – She’s on the floor,  gasping for air in agony. – Is this all life has given me?  Let downs and despair, am I trying to hard?  Everybody leaves me.
Shes got nothing left to lose,  she’s been scarred and bruised.
                                                                                                                                              Music & Lyrics : Michael Hedlund

Kind words will keep us warm in dark times like these

Kind words will keep us warm in dark times like these. A compliment is often heard as a ”Return on investment” Im not doing this for you because I expect something in return, It’s because I want to. It’s more like charity, the more you give someone elses presence turns to the better, because of you, because of me.
And it feels so good, doesn’t it? by doing this, the outcome of it all will benefit us all and our surroundings.
because of you, because of me.
But this is a lesson learned and well deserved if earned. If you can relate, I guess were the ones to spread the word and make our time here a better place for everyone, – In this world.
– I guess we all just want to be heard.


Music & Lyrics: Michael Hedlund


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